The Turk

Today marked the final day of preseason in the NFL. For most of the players in the NFL this is when the works begins,this is when they have to play all of the game rather than the 1st few series. This is the day that many have been waiting for. For other players in the NFL today is the day that they have been dreading. Today is the day that many players are visited by the Grim Reaper of the NFL,aka Turk.

Turk is a person that every team has designated to locate a player soon to be cut and asks them to “meet the coach in his office and bring your playbook”. This sentence signifies the end of their time with this team, theyGrim_Reaper have been cut, fired. No doubt this is a depressing time for these players, but I know that all of them would have done it over and over and over again because those same players will come out for next year’s training camp for a chance to make the team.  The point is that they had a dream that they are working to turn into a reality by trying.

Tonight my partner in sports journalism crime and I  recorded our very first podcast together. I remember sitting outside a cigar bar smoking $10 cigars that might as well have been $2 for all we know, talking about this podcast. That night, as with many nights before it and since was just talk. Tonight we took action and even if the end result doesn’t garner any awards the satisfaction of creating something with someone after years of dreaming about it is unsurpassable.

Whatever your dreams is go after it and know that the enjoyment is in the journey, not in the end result. The NFL has the Turk, life has death. Go out and try something before death sends the Turk to see you.

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